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recambios marinos

Amadeu Núñez Roig

Amadeu Núñez Roig


Since our beginnings in 1994, our priority at Recambios Marinos has been to supply the necessary materials for the repair of marine engines and boats in an efficient manner and at the most competitive prices in the market.

Recambios Marinos combines the personalised and professional treatment of our technical service with a wide range of high quality products to meet the needs of our customers. These have been and continue to be the keys that have led us to become a leading company in the sector.

In addition to our wide range of marine engine spare parts, at Recambios Marinos we also work with product lines covering engines, electric motors, boats, accessories and technological installations for boats. Our experience and knowledge in the sector allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers, adapted to the specific needs of each one.

Thanks to our extensive customer base and our network of more than 30 official distributors, we currently supply spare parts to more than 50 countries worldwide. To meet this challenge, we use advanced technology in our logistics, enabling us to supply our customers quickly and efficiently, regardless of their location.

At Recambios Marinos, we are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to provide comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations.

Thank you for trusting us as your reliable marine solutions provider.